Magento module development

Magento is modular. By developing functionality as a module, we gain time gains when functionality is used by multiple customers. This also ensures better stability. Sometimes we publish a module publicly (open source), other times our clients hire us to build private modules (for example a payment service provider).

All publicly available open source modules from Reach Digital can be found on our GitHub page.

GitHub page

Private modules

Magento 2 Subscription / Preorder solution

Software to create contracts for end customers by defining at what moment they pay, how much they pay and how they pay.

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Magento 2 Transfer orders

Software to reserve products in your warehouse to be shipped later. Makes it possible to ...

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Magento 2 Order Source reservations

Schedule the future delivery (transfer order/purchase order) of products to a certain warehouse (source).

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Public modules


Developer tool for debugging the Magento 2 front end. Provides hints for templates, AbstractBlocks (Blocks), Containers and UI components. Is compatible with asynchronous elements (AJAX and javascript), links directly to PHP Storm and shows hints for hidden DOM elements.


Uitgebreide import module voor het importeren van producten, categorieën en klanten. Biedt fieldmapping, kan overweg met verschillende bestandsformaten (csv, xls, xml) en biedt verschillende downloaders (ftp, http etc.). Legendarisch snel en gebruikt weinig geheugen.


Magento 2's integration tests are notoriously slow in booting up, which makes practicing TDD a pain in the ass. Nobody wants to wait more than 10 seconds for tests to start. Our module is a faster drop-in replacement for Magento's integration test. Boots up the integration testframework in less than 300ms when caches are primed.


Nederlandse vertalingen voor Magento 1, inclusief e-mailvertalingen, voor Magento 1.7.x, 1.8.x en 1.9.x. Meestgebruikte en beste Nederlandse vertaalpakket in de community. Meer dan 3 jaar toegepast voor klantprojecten en dus zorgvuldig onderhouden.

Technology and partners we like to work with

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